How much does DatingSafe cost?

DATING SAFE Silver Standard membership costs $24.97 a Month. A small price to ensure that your valuable time is not wasted with scammers, bots, and fake profiles inside the DATINGSAFE platform. With DATE SMART technology, matching algorithm, geo-location, and facetime calls. You'll also have access to 4 weekly online virtual activities to connect with other singles. Once both parties agree it's a match, they can request a face-to-face call and enjoy a private conversation together inside our secure DATINGSAFE platform. Or you can join the virtual activities with a group. It's the perfect time to hone your skills, make friends, build relationships, get inspired, spark creativity, and meet your ideal match. DATING SAFE is more than just swiping left or right. Find love with shared interests and create a real genuine connection. Define what matters on DATINGSAFE!

Why isn’t it free?

DATING SAFE spends significant money verifying your phone number, proving your geo-location, our unique DATINGSAFE matching algorithm software technology with our DATINGAFE video call technology. Keeping you secure on our website and app platform provides you a way to meet and chat virtually from your home. We are also the online online dating site to offer online virtual activities. So, for the price of a Friday Night Movie, Popcorn, and a drink, you can connect and meet virtually in our secure DATINGSAFE platform.

So for the price of a Friday Night Movie, Popcorn and a drink you can make sure that the people that you are connecting with on Datingsafe have been vetted, verified and confirmed as real people with the Datingsafe digital identity protocol.