How much does DatingSafe cost?

Datingsafe costs $25.00 per month, a small price to ensure that your valuable time is not being wasted on bots, scammers and fake profiles.

Why isn’t it free?

Datingsafe spends significant money verifying that each person that creates a profile on our site is a real person.  That costs real money to connect on a dating site with real people.

So for the price of a Friday Night Movie, Popcorn and a drink you can make sure that the people that you are connecting with on Datingsafe have been vetted, verified and confirmed as real people with the Datingsafe digital identity protocol.


Datingsafe will be free from now until Valentines Day for the first 500 people that join and complete their digital identity check, once we hit that number then this offer ends which could be way sooner than Valentines Day.